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      Will you tell me your name? she asked the woman.

      And bring her back with you? Yes, that will be best, she said.

      Taint often we get the best of you, Varley, said Taffy, smiting him on the shoulder. Ill celebrate the event by calling for whisky all round.

      Esmeralda, with dry eyes, looked round her. Lilias came and kissed her; then some one came forward and took her hand.But he was not taken by surprise when the door opened. Rumor had told the truth; for she was beautiful, fairer than any woman he had ever seenhalf78 child, half maiden, like Polycleitus bewitching basket-bearers.F

      "Old man!" panted Hilary, "you've saved my life!"Say nothing, she said. I owe you something for caring for me once, Norman


      No, my lord, said Barker, looking at him questioningly and beginning to tremble. When I came in this morning her ladyship was not here. She must have dressed by herself and gone out; she has taken one of her traveling-dresses.[258]