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      Miss Chetwynde is ready to start when you are, said Varley in his quiet way.

      "Grey! A dowager's colour, a soured spinster's coloura Quaker's no colour. I detest grey."Those who were going to their death, dined [328] cheerfully for the last time with their companions, and bade them a brave and cheerful farewell.

      "I am glad you put in the qualifying 'almost,'" said the curate, "for I hope to taste Captain Hulbert's Schiedam."There was perfect stillness in the room. Isola had been lying with closed eyes a little time before, and he fancied that she was sleeping.

      Another day she received the visit of a woman who got out of a carriage the door of which was opened and shut by a negro dwarf, and who was announced as Mme. de Biras.

      Susan was exuberant in her delight.You saved my lifeand at the risk of your own!


      However, he stayed a year, much to the surprise of Mme. de Genlis, in the first place that he should have kept her in ignorance of his plans, and in the second that he should break his promise to her. His flight had also the result of preventing their journey, for it had irritated the mob, who were now, under their brutal and ferocious leaders, the rulers of France, and they watched with suspicion all the rest of the Orlans family; it would not have been safe for them to attempt to travel. Such was the freedom already achieved by the efforts of their father and his friends.


      He laughed.