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      Half past eight? he said. Dash it, I dont seem to have been asleep more than half an hour."Well," cried Constance to Flora, who had grown silent, "the battery will love him all the more!"


      Interesting to her it was that his levity still remained unsubmerged, failing him only in a final instant: Their hands had clasped in leave-taking and her eyes were lifted to his, when some plea with which "the entire man" seemed overcharged to the very lips was suddenly, subtly, and not this time by disconcertion, but by self-mastery, withheld. Irby put in a stiff good-by, and as he withdrew, Hilary echoed only the same threadbare word more brightly, and was gone; saying to himself as he looked back from the garden's outmost bound:Cychreans! he said in a clear, loud voice, we Pelasgians have comeif you agreeto conclude peace and form an alliance with you.

      Then he dashed forward, and snatching one of the huge coach-lamps from its socket, held it above his head and peered up in the darkness.The doctor led him to a mound under a tree.


      "All right? All ready? Where are the others?--Ah!" He sent an eager salutation to the Callenders, and two joyfully bowed, but Anna gave no sign. With great dignity her gaze was bent beyond him on the nearing host, and when Constance plucked her arm she tardily looked three wrong ways.