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      Varley made no response, but bound up the wound as if he were ministering to a close friend, and then went outside again.

      And who is that next to him, the thin young man with the long hair? asked Esmeralda.

      Most men do, dont they? she said.He asked the question with that futile hoping against hope which we are all so apt to indulge in.

      "May I go with you, then, and learn why?" The words were hurried, for a horseman was in front and the others had so slackened pace that all were again in group. Anna caught Flora's reply:

      It was over in a moment. The great black cloud that had been swelling up from the south gave its first flash and crash, and everybody started pell-mell for home. The speaker stood just long enough for a last bow to Anna while the guard went before him with the colors. Then he hurried below and had the whole battery trotting down Canal Street and rounding back on its farther side, with the beautiful standard fluttering to the storm, before the Callenders could leave the balcony."Oh, by Jove, Hilary, it serves you right for singing them!"



      Youll get her back for me, Varley? she cried, with clasped hands and tears streaming from her eyes. It was bad enough when she went to England, but this is wuss! Then suddenly, as she saw Varleys face, her tone changed, woman-like: Dont take on about it so, Varley; dont give up hope. Yer hearts breakin, I can see.The rider could not wait. The police were pressing back the jubilant masses, swarms of ladies on the rear forms were standing up, and Flora, still seated, had leaned down beamingly and was using every resource of voice and fan to send him some word through the tumult of plaudits and drums. He spurred close. In a favoring hush--drum-corps inviting the band--she bent low and with an arch air of bafflement tried once more, but an outburst of brazen harmonies tore her speech to threads. Suddenly--


      I ought not to have donesaidwhat I did. I deserve that you should be very angry with me. Are you?