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      What? You gave the new wing. Well, to think of your having kept me in the dark all this time! I do call that very generous, but generous you always are, as Ive often told Mamma, about your money. I suppose that will cost a great deal of money."And you w?an't, nuther," said Pete, soothing him.

      At twelve the poll stood at a hundred and one for the Captain and sixty-five for the Colonel. The Tories were getting desperatethey threw into the crowd handbills wet from the printers, declaring that MacDonald's toll-gate should not stand an hour after he was elected. But the crowd only sang derisively:"No," said the galleyman, gravely. "I am as sound and as sober as ever I was; and, mind you, (casting a quick glance round the table) I don't want any one to work for nothinghere, (he said, taking a small leathern purse from his pocket) is what will pay, and I shall be no niggard. You shall have money and drink toospeak! will you assist? There is no time to lose."

      The afternoon was very still and soft. It was full of the smell of applesof apples warm and sunny on the trees, of apples fallen and rotting in the grass, of apples dry and stored in the loft. There were little apples on the walls of the house, and their skins were warm and bursting in the heat.

      "Wot's happened?" he called to Boorman.

      She paused in her work but did not look at him.

      "Of course he ?un't sure as it wur stolenhe may have dropped it. But policeman d?an't think that's likely."


      "By God, it's not my gateit's your wheat."


      When late the next morning a woman ran out of the house into the cow-stable, and told Reuben that his wife had given him a fine boy, he merely groaned and shook his head.


      "Yesand Greek, when I've adone wud the Latin.""Look here," she said suddenly, "I'm going to prove[Pg 283] the truth of what I told you just now. I'm going to make that boy kiss me."