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      "Hire to him!" exclaimed Taylor, "what for?"

      In one thing the fanatic prophesied truly. They did not take him alive. But still they did not know where the emeralds were!

      thAn Ary uthEr boy hE Ever node, Not bArrin Tompsons colt.

      The sound shrilled sweetly through the house, through all the empty rooms, and through the thick silence of that one which was not empty, but where a flag was spread over a rough box of boards, and Ellton sat by the window with a little black prayer-book in his hand. He was going over the service for the burial of the dead, because there was no chaplain, and it fell to him to read it. Now and then one of the officers came in alone or with his wife and stood about aimlessly, then went away again. But for the rest, the house was quite forsaken.

      "I didn't ask you that," he reminded her calmly. "I asked what he told."

      But they, themselves, had done that thoroughly! Larry made the objection but Dick waved a hand to dismiss it.


      "Come, now, be reasonable," pleaded Bob. "Why can't you and I go along together and run the thing? We'll pull together all right. You know I've been a Sergeant for a long time, and know all about the handling of men."


      Sandy, within sighting distance, cut into the wood to intersect the path of flight.


      Larry would!